Discover YOUR Purpose and Activate Powerful Motivation for Health and Wealth

There are many reasons why people get up in the morning and go to work but that does equate to a “purpose”. More often than not it is a motivation driven by a fear based fuel system. In order to help understand what purpose is we must first understand what it is NOT.

1. It is not someone else’s idea of what you need to do in order for others to say that you have achieved something in life (or work).

2. It is not what you feel you have already achieved (Although some would disagree)

3. It is not a goal that you have been set or you have set yourself.

It is the REASON you WANT to get out of bed in the morning, it is the driving force that visit  you once had before the adult workplace got hold of your energy. The articles I have already written and a few yet to be penned expand on the subject of taking a much closer look at life, yourself and others.

Our dreams and thoughts are based on what we would perceive as a perfect world. We know that world does not exist and yet we still want it. Let me state here and now that the world you want can exist and the only thing stopping it is your conviction that what you believe your reality will conceive.

You have collected many skills over a lifetime of work, some in ways that are not taught in schools or universities but skills none the less. Much of what you have accumulated does not have a diploma, a certificate or a doctorate yet in many cases they surpass all of them.

Don’t you think you should have a diploma for motherhood, fatherhood, home accountancy? How about a certificate in diplomacy, cooking, washing, cleaning? Sounds mad I now but think about all the skills you do have. As long as you are being told that with all those skills and experience you’re only worth what someone else “thinks” your worth? In most cases that is exactly correct because you have stopped valuing yourself in terms of life-skills.

As you read this I would like you to take a step back in time and think about all the experiences, all the skills you have picked up along the path of life. These skills may seem that they are not related to each other. You may have beaten yourself up because you have changed jobs on many occasions because, well frankly you did not like it or it was not challenging enough for you. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING!

What if I asked you to really think about the accumulated skills you have in your possession. What if I said that all this time your subconscious was collecting all the things, all the knowledge that has been guiding you towards your own PURPOSE.


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