Super Simple Grilled Tuna Steak with Avocado, Soy, Ginger, and Lime in 2020


This recipe for Super Simple Grilled Tuna Steak with Avocado, Soy, Ginger, and Lime is so quick and easy to throw together, you can have an awesomely delicious dinner on the table in a flash. And, IF you can afford the price of the tuna you’d need for a few guests, it’s a dish that’s decidedly company-worthy!

Tuna is a luxury fish for us, but now that we’re effectively empty nesters, it’s a luxury we occasionally indulge in. So yummy, and it’s good for you, too!

Tips for Tuna Shopping

Where We Buy It:

Our Costco has fresh fish around each holiday weekend. They call them Seafood RoadShows. Lately, for instance, I’ve seen the seafood shows there quite a bit: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and coming up, ours will have another one for the three day 4th of July weekend. We find our best prices there for wild-caught fish, and we make it a point to look for whatever type of fish looks exceptionally good that visit.

Appearance Counts:

You can tell when a fish is old, or tired, usually just by looking at it. The color will be dull. It won’t be shiny and will look like it’s beginning to dry out. Some of the layers may be starting to separate. The last time we were at our Costco’s Seafood RoadShow, the Ahi tuna looked beautiful: a deep dark garnet red, shiny and moist looking, with all the layers of the steak still clinging tightly together!

Costco had it cut the tuna into lovely 2″ thick steaks, in packages of two. I would venture to say that each fish steak weighed about 12 ozs. each, so 1/2 of one of those steaks was more than enough for one person. So even though the price of a package of 2 tuna steaks looked pretty expensive, it’s important to remember that we were actually looking at 4 servings of fish. For just the two of us, it was a package with more than enough for two meals. So we grilled one the night we brought it home, and froze the other, to enjoy later.

My Inspiration for this Grilled Tuna Steak Recipe:

So here we were with this glorious piece of tuna. What to do? I found this Tyler Florence recipe on his oldest Food Network Show, Food 911, and altered it ever so slightly. This recipe was so easy, so delicious, and so delightful, that we decided to enjoy it again the very next Saturday night. I wanted to make it again ASAP because I knew I wanted to have my hubby photograph it so that I could share it with you! Saturday night is very often date night at home, and we often grill something a little special for ourselves during grilling season.  I highly recommend making this recipe for a romantic meal with someone you love.

The Changes I Made to Tyler’s Recipe:

The lime I had on hand was largish, so I only used 1 lime in my recipe, whereas Tyler’s recipe called for two limes. I taste as I go, and after the addition of the juice of that 1 lime, my sauce was already very sour. Tyler only called for a pinch of sugar, but I added an entire teaspoon. Again, this is where tasting as you go really pays off.

I treated the soy-ginger-cilantro sauce as not only a sauce for the fish, but also as a vinaigrette for the purple cabbage we grilled as a side dish. The cabbage was an awesome choice, because not only did it taste great, it also looked gorgeous next to the tuna and avocado pieces. We sprinkled the cabbage with some bacon, and then drizzled it with some of the fish’s reserved sauce, like a vinaigrette. Outstanding!!! It really tied all the flavors on the plate together.




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